A call to action to take control of your health in 2019 and beyond.

Join our 8 week health and wellness program to reset and refocus your mind and body in the New Year.
The program will run from January 7th – March 4th

Your Resolution Reset coaches understand that recurrent, immersive lifestyle “resets” (like 30 day nutrition programs) can affect long-term habit change when the right education is included. We will take on this challenge as a team, supporting each other through the struggles that often throw people off course. The reset team will stay accountable to each other, as we learn how to make healthy, long-lasting adjustments to our current routine. Your coaches have your back, with full support and encouragement along the way.

In order to keep our reset group small and intimate, there will be limited spaces available. Registration will close by December 30th, or as soon as all spots are filled.

Reset The Physical:

  • A 2 month commitment from January 7th-March 4th
  • Unlimited class membership ($398 value)
  • Full exercise program with weekly goals to meet
  • A private group cardio/strength training class per week
  • Receive an 8-week strength training program provided, to use independently in the Fitness Center
  • Each member will receive a MyZone heart rate monitor to track their workouts ($49 value)

Reset Your Nutrition:

  • Unlimited access to your Resolution Reset coaches, who are Whole30 and Precision Nutrition certified.
  • Under the guidance of your coaches, follow the Whole30 nutrition program (1 month following the protocol + 1 month of a flexible program)
  • Educational materials will help guide you to success
  • Utilize a food journal for the first 30 days of the program (tracking water, sleep, stress, etc)
  • Attend a seminar on mindset in January, to mentally prepare for the program.
  • Join a private Facebook group dedicated to support and conversation among program members, where we will share recipes, successes and encouragement.

$349 per month (2 month comittment)
If you sign up with a friend/spouse/partner, get 10% off both memberships

This is not meant to be a weight-loss or body composition challenge.
Resolution Reset is a lifestyle, habit-building program.
Side effects of the program may include:

  • Feelings of empowerment
  • Inches lost from measurements
  • Clothing fitting better
  • Comfort in making food choices
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Clearer skin
  • More confidence in exploring new fitness options at DAC
  • An overall feeling of bad-assery

Lindsay Washbond
Precision Nutrition L1 & Your Nutrition Evolution Coach

Lindsay found her calling in helping people discover how accessible proper nutrition can be. Her nutrition journey grew out of her love of food, experimenting with nutrition, and learning about how her body responds. Her focus is in helping clients find the confidence to make decisions surrounding food, and to move away from the detrimental “yo-yo diet” tendencies. She believes in the power of a diet made up primarily of whole, nutrient-dense foods, to help heal and protect the body from the inside. Lindsay’s goal is to educate her clients, expose the mass-media myths of nutrition, and help others build a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

You can find Lindsay coaching various classes at DAC, like CrossFit, HIIT and Circuit. She believes strongly in the connection between nutrition and exercise. She is a CrossFit L1 coach and an ACSM CPT.

Reach Lindsay directly at

Erika Stine
Whole30 Coach & Head TURN Instructor

Erika’s advocation of health and wellness stemmed from a personal lifestyle transformation which opened doors for her into the health and fitness industry. Her work involves promoting the importance of taking resposibility of all aspects of your own health: physical, mental nutritional. She empowers her clinets to take action, upgrade their behaviors and strive for high performance and quality results.  She supports them to overcome obstacles by focusing on the present and how to achieve what they want looking into the future. She wants everyone to walk away with much more than the knowledge of healthy eating, but also for them to become empowered, action focused and self-motivated to achieve life long wellness.

Along side nutritional coaching, Erika can be found in TURN Indoor Cycling studio leading riders through grueling performance based workouts. She is also incredibly passionate about food and can be found developing recipes for delivery services in her spare time.

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