CrossFit New Haven’s primary offering is group fitness classes comprised of strength training, gymnastics, endurance training, plyometrics, Olympic weightlifting, a mix of high-intensity interval training, and everything in between. You’ll never do the same workout or movements two days in a row. Our group classes are always lead by a well-qualified CrossFit Trainer and/or Sports Performance Coach. While each workout is different, each day follows a similar format: warm up, movement & skill review, strength & skill work, and a WOD (workout of the day).

To our members, CFNH is so much more than just the workout. CFNH provides an environment in which like-minded individuals with a variety of goals and motivations can come together to share, learn, teach, encourage, and love each other. We rally around each other through good and bad. We support each other inside the gym and out. We teach each other far more than lifting technique and movement standards… we teach each other acceptance, belonging, strength, courage, confidence, and unconditional support.

At DAC Personal Training, we analyze our client’s natural movement patterns in order to tailor programming specific to their needs. We have created a system that applies the best practices from the world of physical therapy and the muscle building concepts of personal training to address pain from current or past injuries, muscle imbalances, or postural deficiencies. Our objective is to strengthen our clients while also correcting the underlying issues. Not only do we help you achieve your personal goals, but we empower you to live your life to its fullest, pain-free potential.


The New Haven Weightlifting Club Is a fully sanctioned USA Olympic Weightlifting facility. We teach people in and around New Haven how to do Olympic Weightlifting the right way. Located inside of CrossFit New Haven, the NHWLC is run as a separate entity lead by USAW Level I & II Sports Performance Coaches. With over 25 years of combined Coaching and competition experience, you can be confident what you’re getting is the real deal.

The DAC Fitness Center is the core of the District Athletic Club. Inside you’ll fine the newest Precor strength and cardio equipment, Concept2 Rowers, a Peloton Bike, and stretching & mobility area all within a clean and welcoming environment, and a supplemental centerpiece to our first-class health & wellness businesses.

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A dual approach indoor cycle studio offering classes designed to maximize performance and high-energy cardio. Metric-driven classes make your workout uniquely challenging, with fun and exciting bike choreography geared to keep you engaged! Guided by the music and our awesome instructors, TURN will free your mind to let go, sweat it out, and put the stresses of life on pause. We offer an accessible schedule for our members, and for non-members your first ride is free. So now it’s your TURN!

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