We assist men and women develop a deeper understanding of their unique nutritional needs, through education, building habits, and discovering the foods that allow them to thrive.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, since each individual is at a different stage in their nutritional health, and has unique goals. We specialize in developing a healthy, more mindful relationship with food, creating better habits, skill development, and exploring the benefits of a whole food diet.

For those who are embarking on a brand new nutrition journey, the focus will be on small lifestyle changes, education and habit-replacement. For more advanced clients, the focus will be on fine-tuning skills and reaching goals through non-processed, nourishing, healing foods.

Nutritional Guidance

  • Develop a positive relationship with food [understand the healing benefits of whole, nutrient dense foods]
  • Identify food behaviors affecting progress [triggers, cravings, mindless eating]
  • Learn about your food environment and how it affects your eating habits
  • Learn to track your daily food intake
  • Pay attention to proper hydration
  • Develop habits surrounding meal prep and meal-planning strategies

Performance & Aesthetics

  • Fine-tune consumption to fit your goals [performance, fat loss, muscle gain, etc]
  • Focus on recovery and sleep as part of a daily and weekly routine
  • Make changes to your eating schedule, if applicable
  • Detailed analysis of food diary to optimize performance
  • Bigger emphasis on food and water tracking

Your Nutrition Evolution is a lifestyle, habit-building program.
Side effects of the program may include:

  • Feelings of empowerment
  • Inches lost from measurements
  • Clothing fitting better
  • Comfort in making food choices
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Clearer skin
  • More confidence in exploring new fitness options at DAC
  • An overall feeling of bad-assery

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Lindsay Washbond
Precision Nutrition L1 & Your Nutrition Evolution Coach

Lindsay found her calling in helping people discover how accessible proper nutrition can be. Her nutrition journey grew out of her love of food, experimenting with nutrition, and learning about how her body responds. Her focus is in helping clients find the confidence to make decisions surrounding food, and to move away from the detrimental “yo-yo diet” tendencies. She believes in the power of a diet made up primarily of whole, nutrient-dense foods, to help heal and protect the body from the inside. Lindsay’s goal is to educate her clients, expose the mass-media myths of nutrition, and help others build a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

You can find Lindsay coaching various classes at DAC, like CrossFit, HIIT and Circuit. She believes strongly in the connection between nutrition and exercise. She is a CrossFit L1 coach and an ACSM CPT.

Reach Lindsay directly at

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