March DAClete of the Month – Katherine Klaus

 In DAClete of the Month

Katherine is a member of our 5am faithful crew. She shows up consistently every single day for CrossFit, regardless of the WOD or her work schedule.

Katherine has been sharing her CrossFit love with friends and bringing them into the DAC family. Her coaches have noticed major strides in her workouts thanks to her coachability and consistency.

Let’s learn more about Katherine and why she deserves the shout out this month:

1. How long have you been a member at District Athletic Club? I have been a member since August 2019.

2. What are some of your fitness goals to accomplish in 2020? My fitness goals for 2020 are to keep getting to the 5am class 4x/wk and to spend some more time on the ab-mat.

3. What are some of your recent accomplishments of which you’re most proud? I consider getting myself to the 5am class an accomplishment!

4. Do you adhere to any form of daily/weekly diet regimen to power your workouts? What does your dream cheat meal/day look like? I adhere to “everything in moderation.” I eat pretty healthy most of the time and don’t deprive myself – so I don’t have a dream cheat day, sorry.

5. If you were to choose a workout for the entire DAC, what would it look like? (It can be anything!) A game of dodgeball for warm-up (player’s choice on the weight of the ball) followed by a very lengthy lunge walk, a rope climb, some wall kick ups and, of course, wall balls.

6. How do you spend your time when you’re away from DAC? Working (using the mental strength from my workouts to battle insurance companies) and spending time with my favorite people.

7. What is one fact that other DAC members may not know about you? I had 2 major emergency brain surgeries and radiation not that long ago. I am just really happy and incredibly fortunate to be physically able to workout like I do.

8. Do you have any motivational thoughts or suggestions to folks just getting started at the gym? Smile, fall in love with the process and the results will come.

March DAClete of the Month Katherine Klaus

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