CrossFit New Haven Programming Update


Starting this week, the day’s metcon will be broken down into 2 separate workouts. The “Fitness” version and the “Performance/(Rx+)” version. You may not have realized this but we run 3 separate levels of programming here at CrossFit New Haven. We are trying to make that more evident to you and to make some of your scaling options clearer from the get-go. If you want to know more about the programming tracks and our programming in general keep an eye out for an upcoming update to our website with more comprehensive information.

Life After the Open: The 2020 CrossFit Open ends on November 11th. The next big event to look forward to is the CrossFit Total Test that will take place at the end of January (exact date TBD). This will take place on a Saturday and will test your 1 rep max back squat, deadlift, and strict press. If you haven’t been apart of these days yet at CFNH talk to any member that has and they’ll tell you that they are a blast. In addition to this we are going to add in a little extra work over the next few months to help with pull-ups and handstand push-ups specifically.

Lastly, we’re bringing back some old-school CrossFit to the programming. Going forward Thursdays and Saturdays won’t be available for viewing in Wodify until… sometimes the night before, sometimes not until you get to class. In the past every day used to be like this in CrossFit. That’s where the “ready for anything” mantra in CrossFit comes from, and trust us, there is a reason behind it – it forces you to get uncomfortable, work on your weaknesses (often times days where we wouldn’t show up at all if we knew the workout ahead of time), and adapt to what’s put in front of you. Those are all things that carryover to just about everything we do in life; but most importantly inside the gym – they are things that have an extremely positive effect on your fitness. The second you get comfortable you stop moving the needle on change.

We challenge you to show up no matter what – knowing if its an injury holding you back, your coach will get you a good workout no matter what; or if you’re sore from the day before, you’ll be able to push through and you’ll be better for it.

Those are all the updates for today. Please reach out to your coaches with any questions or feedback. You can also always use the Wodify feedback button to post anonymous feedback anytime.


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