CrossFit New Haven’s Newest Programming Cycle – 8/12 Through November

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We hope you all enjoyed the last 6 weeks of programming. Hopefully you were able to get in multiple days of work with the sleds and yokes, and enjoyed the myriad gymnastics core and pull-up bar complexes. We want you to carry over the core bracing and other skills we covered so often into the next programming cycle. The strongman lifts and complexes won’t disappear completely but they will appear less frequently as we gear up for the CrossFit Games Open coming up in the middle of October. 

 If you are unfamiliar with the Open, , in a nutshell: It spans 5 weeks and each Thursday night at 8:00PM ET, a workout is released to the CrossFit world. If you are looking to qualify for the CrossFit Games, this can be one avenue for you. For 99.99% of the CrossFit community the Open serves as one or multiple of the following: (1) A test to see where your weaknesses lie within movements, types of workouts, etc., (2) A benchmark each year to gauge your own personal progress whether that is towards CrossFit as a sport, OR towards overall general fitness in whatever capacity it is that you measure it, (3) A mechanism to see how you rank amongst the global CrossFit community based on your age, gender, and other criteria such as occupation, etc., (4) A fun twist on your traditional CrossFitting experience and great way to meet new people in the gym (more on this as we get closer to the Open). In the past, the CrossFit Games Open has been held starting in February, but due to some restructuring by CrossFit HQ it has now been moved  to October starting this year and each year going forward.

So what will this CrossFit Open programming look like? This programming cycle may well be the most balanced and least-biased programming cycle that we do here at CFNH. What we mean by that is it won’t favor a specific lift(s) like our CrossFit Total programming cycle did (strict press, deadlift, and back squat). You may notice a slight bias towards certain movements that have a tendency to appear more often in the Open, but these are very traditional movements such as pull-ups (chest to bar for RX), toes to bar, rowing, wall balls, thrusters (we know…), etc  – more on that here: You can expect to see more traditional ‘strength’ portions of classes such as 5×5, 6×3, 4×8 squats, presses, and pulls with an accessory movement to compliment. We won’t be testing any 1 RM’s during this cycle but you can rest assured there will be plenty of strength work and the 1 RM testing will come back around in the winter. 

Additionally, and what we think will be the most fun, is the weekly CrossFit Open test. Each week, leading up to the start of the Open, we will have either a past Open or CrossFit benchmark workout that has been tested in some form or another (such as Diane and/or Fran) in a past Open. Although we generally recommend you don’t “cherry-pick” workouts as that can be detrimental to your fitness (you generally avoid your weaknesses), keep an eye out for these each week and try and make sure you get your butt to the gym for them! These workouts tend to pop up again and again throughout the year so use this as a way to gauge your own personal progress and fitness. 

And that leads me to my last and probably most important point: log your work each class. Whether through the Wodify mobile app, or on the computer in the gym, just get the data in. You can’t track your progress if you don’t log it, and you won’t maximize your progress until you start logging and then pay attention to your data! If you have any questions on using Wodify, ask a coach and they will be happy to show you. 

As always, if you have any questions on this or any other programming cycle here at CFNH please reach out to a coach and they will either put you in touch with, or relay the message to the programming team.


-CFNH Programming Team

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