Tuesday Night Yoga

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One of your favorite DAC yogis, Jenn, will be taking over Tuesday night yoga!

Here is what you can expect from her classes!


6pm Candelit Hot Power Yoga:

Power yoga with Jenn is unique, challenging, and fun! Prepare to work and sweat as you build endurance, flexibility, and balance. Integrate dynamic movement and breath in a candlelit room to let go of self-consciousness. The peaceful candle light let’s each student focus inward to connect their mind and body and create a higher self-awareness.

Foster physical and mentally strength as we take you through a series of traditional and yoga sequences crafted with intention and integrity. Previous experience with yoga is recommended along with the willingness to let go of your own physical, mental, and emotional expectations. You will be provided with any necessary modifications. Hot room.


7:15pm Yoga and Functional Movement for Athletes

This workshop will use yoga as a catalyst to purposefully guide students in physical and mental aspects of improving athletic performance.

Each will include a slower vinyasa flow that builds flexibility and mobility by incorporating joint movement to improve and build awareness of range of motion, active stretching to open muscles, and longer static holds to stretch connective tissue.

Yoga can be a part of engaging in positive self-talk, cueing for building healthy habits, acknowledging physical and mental condition without judgement, and mindfully leaning into discomfort. We will go over mental strategies that will help you in your sport, on the yoga mat, and translate in your life.

This class is all-levels. Keep in mind if you carry groceries, walk, move, breathe- you are an “athlete.”

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