Spring Clean-Up Challenge!

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We’re counting down the days until our Spring Clean-Up Challenge begins!

Starting April 15th, you’ll be led by our DAC nutrition coaches, Erika & Lindsay, through eight weeks of:

  • Following a nutrition protocol set-up by your DAC Nutrition Coaches to cut out commonly inflammatory foods & habits that are holding you back from your goals
  • Being held accountable to self-care, nutrition & fitness goals
  • Opportunities to attend a full schedule of special classes, seminars and outings that are exclusive to the challenge
  • Being a part of a supportive online group with your Clean-Up Crew to share struggles, wins and swap recipes
  • Taking part in weekly mini-challenges to create a little competition while helping to build healthy habits


The goal is to come out on the other side of the 8 weeks a little healthier, more in-tune with your body, and closer to your body composition goals, just in time for Summer!

You’ll have the opportunity to test your body composition before and after (if you’re comfortable doing so), for a more accurate read on how your body is changing.

Keep in mind: weight on the scale is not an accurate read on progress, and does not define us. We will track non-scale victories and body fat/lean mass as tools of measure!

$99 covers the entire challenge!
(optional body comp testing will be a separate cost)

Sign up with a friend and receive 10% off.
(The more support, the better!)

Additional questions?
Reach out to Lindsay@dacnhv.com or Erika@dacnhv.com

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