DAC Endurance Starts May 2nd!

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DAC Endurance Returns!

Need to work on your stamina while running?

Still determined to show that Assault Bike whose boss?

We are bringing back our much loved Endurance program here at the DAC, starting Thursday May 2nd!

Whether you are training for an upcoming triathlon or just need to get active and in shape again this NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY program will help improve athletic endurance, capacity, and stamina. Be challenged, supported, and encouraged in an inclusive, FUN, and energetic class environment.

This program will start on or around May 2nd and run for at least 8-weeks.

It is $99 for the entire program!
Not a member at DAC? No problem! You’re more than welcome to join the class!

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More details about the program:

What does an “endurance” class look like? Take a look at these samples of endurance class curriculum. Generally speaking, movements will be based on distance and interval running, rowing, and biking. Simple bodyweight gymnastics movements and simple non-barbell weightlifting movements are used to complement the programming.

All classes begin with welcome and workout review, workout specific mobility and activation work, dynamic warm up, and movement instruction.


Example Day 1

  • Work Out: “Proud Mary”

For Time:
ROW 1,000m
Rest same amount of time to complete the previous row
ROW 750m
Rest same amount of time to complete the previous row
Row 500m
Rest same amount of time to complete the previous row
Row 250m

  • Core Finisher:
    :20sec On / :20sec Off, x6, Plank Dumbbell Pull Throughs / Hollow Rocks


Example Day 2

  • Work Out: “Abacus”

8 Rounds:
Every 3min Complete
18 Burpees*
200m Run
Rest 1 min

*Rounds 1-4, +/- 3 Burpees if you complete the work under/over 3 minutes. Rounds 5-8, +/- 1 Burpee

  • Core Finisher:
    Accumulate 3min/side Side Plank Hold


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Still have questions? Direct them to spencer@crossfitnewhaven.com!

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