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As your weekends fill up with Holiday parties and social gatherings, it seems almost inevitable that your health and fitness goals take a back seat. Generally speaking, compliance to exercise and nutrition in the last 90 days of the year trends downward pretty dramatically. Summer’s long gone, sweaters and puffy coats are back, and there are endless amounts of tantalizing sweet treats and alcohol. This is precisely why New Years Resolutions are what they are.

“I will finally get my nutrition in check in 2019”
“I will get back into my gym routine in 2019”

These may seem like reasonable goals, but they are both destined to fail. The first issue with New Years Resolutions: They’re far too broad and too vague.

It turns out, people are just looking for some additional motivation when they set resolutions, but end up setting unachievable or immeasurable goals for themselves. This year, let’s try something new:

“I will join the Resolution Reset, for both accountability and education in my nutrition and exercise habits. I will learn how to properly fuel my body and optimize my health by implementing a Whole30 program for all of January. I will follow that up with one month of learning how to apply those skills to long-term practices. I will spend those two months adhering to a schedule of exercising 3-4x per week, alongside my fellow Resolution Reset crew. In two months, I will build habits to get me into the gym every week and to discover the foods that make me feel by best.”


The Program:

The Resolution Reset is designed to keep you supported and on-track with your fitness routine for the first 8 weeks of the year. Thinking about skipping the gym one day? You’ll need to answer to your Reset coaches and fellow team members. Each week, Resetters will have exercise goals to reach, and a private group class to attend. Work hard while building habits.

Whole30 + Accountability & Support: Let it be known: the best way of eating is the one that’s sustainable, nourishing and makes you feel your absolute best. Everyone’s needs are different!

It’s also important to note that in order to learn the best way of eating for you, it’s highly encouraged to explore different programs, different ways of eating, or an elimination protocol to help you learn which foods make you feel your best and which ones should be avoided. Don’t concern yourself with what “diet” worked for someone else; You need to focus on your own needs, and continue to learn more about your own digestion.

What to expect:
• You will be held to a minimum of 1-2 cardio classes (HIIT or indoor cycling) + 2 days of strength training (CrossFit, HIIT, weightlifting or fitness center)
• You will join one private group class per week: Wednesdays @ 6:45pm (alternate between HIIT and indoor cycling)
• You will have 1 active recovery day per week (yoga, Sunday cycling or district walk)
• You will be provided an 8 week strength training program to use independently in the Fitness Center.
• You will follow the Whole30 nutrition program (1 month strict + 1 month of a flexible program), guided by our nutrition coaches.
• You will utilize a food journal for the first 30 days of the program (learning to listen to your body, and be more aware of sensitivities)
• You will attend a seminar on mindset in January
• You will join a Facebook page dedicated to support and conversation among program members, where we will share recipes, successes and encouragement.
• You will receive a MyZone heart rate monitor to track our workouts (it is yours to keep)
• You learn about managing stress, sleep, hydration, etc.
• You will participate in a group trip to the grocery store, and other helpful activities surrounding meal preparation.


To sign up, or find out more about pricing, please email

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