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Wodify Pulse is District Athletic Club’s new heart rate monitoring system. The goal is to give you more insight into your workouts. Understanding when to go faster, when to slow down, or having insight into the question, “why is this so hard,” will help you work smarter, and ultimately harder helping you get the most out of your time here. We’ve included the most important things to know about the new MyZone Heart rate monitors and provided some examples of workouts your trainers have done during the testing period.

The Basics:

There are two versions of heart rate monitors, the MZ-1 and the MZ-3. Other than cost (more on that below), here is the difference between the two

From now through the end of November you can get $10 off your purchase of either monitor. Normally the MZ-1 is $49 and MZ-3 is $89 but you can get them for $39 and $79 until the end of November. Just let the Front Desk know or email them directly at FrontDesk@dacnhv.com.

Here are some workouts that your trainers have done over the past week. In addition to getting this information on the MyZone app you’ll also receive an email with similar information after each workout.

Circuit Class

There are two things to note here. First, you can clearly see when the circuit starts and ends for each round. This exemplifies the entire point of a Circuit class – work, rest, repeat.

You’ll notice that for the two hours AFTER my workout, I stayed at a higher rate that before the workout, thus burning more calories while just going about my day. Notice the heart rate prior to the workout, and after. Hint: this is why things like Circuit, HIIT, and CrossFit classes are so beneficial

TURN Indoor Cycle Ride

This was one of Erika’s Tabata rides where you can clearly see when the work is put in. If you’ve never taken this class up in TURN before then you’re missing out.

Fitness Center “CEO Workout”

This is a 30-minute workout using 8 different machines for 3 sets of 10 reps each with a 1:00 rest between stations. The workout starts with a 500m row warm up and finishes with 3 sets of 20 ab crunches. Based on what i see here the next time i do this workout i’ll definitely be upping my weight and possibly cutting the rest time to :45.

HIIT Class

Coach Lindsay’s HIIT class from this week shows what a class is like for your body from the inside out. You can clearly see the warm-up from 9:15 – 9:30, the workout and it’s intervals from 9:30 – 10:00am, and the elevated heart rate for 30 minutes post workout.

Olympic Weightlifting

Over 800 calories from just lifting weights… I’m just gonna leave it at that. Sidenote: I did this workout with a friend I haven’t seen in a while and there was a lot of downtime toward the end of the workout, followed by the heaviest lift of the day with those two green spikes.

Keep an eye out next week for a talk about EPOC and why it matters – excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, also known as “afterburn.” Remember to stop at the Front Desk to place your order!

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