DAC Seminar Series & Pot Luck: Intensity vs. Volume

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“You don’t need harder workouts, you need to go harder in your workouts.” – Tommy Hackenbruck, 3x CrossFit Games athlete and CrossFit Games team champion, when asked how he qualified for the CrossFit games while only working out for an hour a day.

Our job as coaches isn’t done once you’ve broken a sweat in your workout. The workout is only a small piece of the pie, in regards to overall health and wellness. We’re very excited to be kicking off a new series of educational seminars here at DAC.  These seminars will be free to members and will cover topics from every corner of the fitness world. If it relates to health and wellness, we’ll talk about it. Expect about 20-30 mins of lecture with Q&A at the end. We want to spark curiosity and conversation around topics that are fundamental to meeting your fitness goals.

Our first seminar is titled “Intensity vs. Volume” and it will be an extremely valuable topic for anyone working out at DAC. We’ll be discussing why one is much more beneficial than the other, the physical mechanisms behind them, and how nutrition can play into it.

Speaking of nutrition… since this seminar will likely take place post-workout on Saturday, we’re turning this seminar into a re-fuel pot luck! Bring a dish or snack that you feel good about eating and sharing with others. if you know the macros for it, even better! If not, don’t worry, there will be a seminar on that soon!

Come hungry (for food and infromation!)

Where: Drive (inside District)
When: Saturday November 17th at 11am

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