DAC Yoga: Sandi Fitzpatrick

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A little about her: Sandi is from small town Connecticut, but has lived, worked and studied across the world. She is a brand marketer turned yoga teacher and longtime nature enthusiast. Sandi views the practice of yoga as a profound tool for introspection and personal development. She loves practicing by candlelight and flowing to modern music, especially Hip Hop and R&B. Sandi currently resides in Branford, CT with her husband and their senior pup.
Her class style: Candlelit Gentle Slow Flow: Relax and restore with 60 minutes of gentle slow flow yoga for all levels. This class is designed to increase flexibility and body awareness and decrease stress and muscle pain. Leave feeling calm and peaceful. 
Hip Hop Vinyasa: Sweat and strengthen with 60 minutes of vigorous vinyasa for all levels. This class is designed to help students connect breath to movement and increase strength and stamina. Leave feeling warm, invigorated, and accomplished. 
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