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Tell us about your class style: My goal is to foster a space for people to challenge themselves in order to move, focus, breathe and build physical mental, and emotional strength. I teach a Power Yoga class that will bring your right to the edge, but not past, your abilities, no matter what level you are! Prepare to work and sweat as you build endurance, flexibility, and balance. We’ll also integrate dynamic movement and breath to connect mind and body to create a higher self-awareness. 

Tell us more about you! I always want to move and originally used yoga as a form of recovery for the physical stress I put on my body in various activities such as roller derby, Crossfit, and marathon training.  After years of practice, I finally utilized yoga to acknowledge and accept my feelings, live in the moment, and find peace and ease, in addition to discovering the benefits of caring for her body. I began to build physical and mental growth that turned up in running, yoga, and the way I began to live life off the yoga mat as well. I’m also an RRCA certified running coach and have my CrossFit Level 1 Certificate. I completed my 2200-hour teacher training at West Hartford Yoga.

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